Ela Rae

WELCOME to the world of ela rae Contemporary jewelry, fusing uncomplicated luxury to a refined-bohemian aesthetic.
INSPIRED by history of talismans From cultures across the globe, each ela rae piece offers protection, empowerment & confidence. These gentle, yet distinctive pieces accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer.
CREATED for the female with a carefree sense of self the blend of old meet new captures her individuality while acting as her very own personal armor. Each piece combines the bohemian and modern, moving with the wearer through her multifaceted life. As her environment changes, one thing remains the same - a personal connection to her ela rae jewels 
DESIGNED in the heart of new york with an elegant combination of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and single cut champagne diamonds. showcasing the ornate characters of earthy gems in each design.
ela rae is handmade in NewYork with materials from around the globe. ela rae is available for purchase at Free people, Calypso St. Barth and shopbop among other high-end stores internationally. for a list of retailers closest to you please contact sales@elarae.com